Undergoing Development

As a country India has always been one of the first one’s mentioned when people speak about the nations which are - developing.

India has always had it’s problems but people continue seeing it as a land of opportunity, the biggest democracy of the world, the tolerance and the vibrance, the population and their struggle with life. The religions and the adoption of the western culture. People see India as a nation waiting to be developed.

But it’s not that simple.

The problem isn’t from the outside, it’s us. We demean our country, constantly, unnecessarily at times just for the heck of it. We complain about the inflation and we rant about the infrastructure and we eventually end up dying. That’s our life. The way we even start conversations now with strangers is by saying things like “How about those roads, eh?” We don’t really do anything, most of us don’t even pay our taxes and yet we expect to be developed - to have an Ikea in every mall and Starbucks at every corner. Is that really development? Is that what’s it all about? No welfare for the poor, no education for the kids. But we obviously need our java. Come to think of it, we are the most selfish people in the world and all we do is rant about how we aren’t moving ahead as a country and how the other countries are doing better. Go ahead, look.

We have problems, major problems. There is the literacy rate, the rapes, the poverty, the random private organization which is now considered as a parallel government, the government officials, the private companies who don’t know what customer service means, the condition of public hospitals. We have them all and yet we don’t stand together, we disregard our morality for monetary gains. We enjoy the sensationalistic journalism, take pride in riots and consider protests, traffic jams and lashing rains as acts of God. We are completely oblivious to the people around us, we just want to win at everything. We want to cut corners, pay bribes and we want to win.

Every news outlet calls it the “Spirit of India” when people go back to work after a terrorist attack. Honestly though, it’s not the spirit. It’s the fact that people here don’t have the extra cash to even sit a day without working. People are desperate. They need to work. They don’t have an option. If they want a meal and want to provide for their families, they gotta’ work. Yet, we continue doing candle protests and making songs about it instead of helping people. Instead of making sure they have food to eat, we decide to make a Facebook Event about the protests and text our friends about it. Are we for real?

Our government, our citizens, our central banks, our armed forces, our politicians and our media; everybody has always been in the business of thinking after the shit has hit the fan. We have a monopoly in damage control. A coffee shop popping up in the neighborhood doesn’t make us developed.


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