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Flying Sucks

Most people are excited when they take their first flight. They are ecstatic, they tell everyone about it, they are happy to be above the clouds and see the midnight blue sky from their fancy window seats.
In theory, it sounds so right. It sounds like a magnificent thing to happen to humanity, the dark sky, the city lights, the aerial view, the clouds below you, and the pretty airhostesses getting you a glass of scotch. What could possibly be wrong with this fantastic experience?

Well, a lot of things. I will tell you about how fundamentally flawed the airline industry is, I will rant, I will complain and I will go through every point which has annoyed me about taking a flight. (Consider that as my warning for this post being a longread) and at the end of it all, I will make sure you hate flying as much as I do.
To give you a background, I fly every week, sometimes twice a week on the...

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How To Make People Hate You

When I walked into the conference room, I noticed twenty-five people staring at me with vacant expressions, their hands stopped moving on their laptop keyboards and they just stared, coldly. I was about forty minutes late. I looked at my watch and proceeded to sit down, asking one of them where my coffee was.

My phone rang about five minutes after, I answered it. I didn’t answer it to say I was busy. I actually had a conversation. It lasted about 8 minutes. I proceeded to check my IM’s and Twitter mentions and I asked about my coffee, again. Some guy who was wearing a rather odd colored maroon shirt decided to start speaking. How could I start paying attention if I didn’t have my coffee? I looked at the guy who was now in-charge of making sure I get my cup of java before I killed some people with my bare hands. He wasn’t performing so well under pressure, it seemed. I sighed. He smelt...

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Undergoing Development

As a country India has always been one of the first one’s mentioned when people speak about the nations which are - developing.

India has always had it’s problems but people continue seeing it as a land of opportunity, the biggest democracy of the world, the tolerance and the vibrance, the population and their struggle with life. The religions and the adoption of the western culture. People see India as a nation waiting to be developed.

But it’s not that simple.

The problem isn’t from the outside, it’s us. We demean our country, constantly, unnecessarily at times just for the heck of it. We complain about the inflation and we rant about the infrastructure and we eventually end up dying. That’s our life. The way we even start conversations now with strangers is by saying things like “How about those roads, eh?” We don’t really do anything, most of us don’t even pay our taxes and yet...

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The Indian eCommerce Story

I have been around people who are starting up their businesses in India recently. I speak to them about the decisions they take, have dialogues about the capital funding they require and mostly tell them they’re doing it wrong.
Most of them actually decide to startup because they’re out of options and they can’t essentially find a suitable job or they just can’t work for somebody else. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

However my problem is that for different reasons most of them choose to be exclusively online, stating that the eCommerce market is where it’s at right now. And that maybe true globally, but not in India.

I have different theories for why we don’t as a country shop online, one obviously being the debate of the internet penetration level, the literacy rate and poverty levels of any developing country like ours, the other which is only applicable to India is that we as a country...

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