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In a vast country like ours, we always have something to talk about, be it an overrated sport which we borrowed from the people who ruled us until quite recently, or a smartphone at an unbelievably low price.

Sure, we have serious things to talk about too, like the disturbing things that the government has been tweeting, the rape problem, this other article on Quartz about why flight attendants hate India, one of the best central bankers leaving his job, the pollution problem among a countless other things which we like discussing in the comfort of our living room and our cushioned chairs at a local Starbucks, but it’s really not pressing enough for us to do something about, because “OH MY GOD LOOK MA, A SIM CARD WITH FREE DATA!” (More on this soon)

As a country, we have always had issues on focusing on the important things and always end up giving importance to extremely ridiculous crap. Our logic is flawed, we suffer from short-sightedness and the problems we face in our lives are our own doing.

Our problem is distraction, it’s the lack of financial and family planning, it’s dengue, malaria and any kind of sicknesses because even after paying taxes at 35% the government doesn’t have a health benefit system for anybody in this country, even if they do on paper, they don’t on the ground.

Our problem is the lack of availability of DECAF FUCKING COFFEE BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOTHERFLIPPIN’ DECAFFEINATION PLANT IN THIS MOTHER EFFIN’ COUNTRY. It’s the quotas, the discriminations on basis of stupid shit like creed and caste, the security lapses.

Our problem is Air India, it’s the local train in Mumbai, it’s the BEST, it’s the folks in Gurgaon, it’s human-trafficking, the drug problem in the north, the prostitution rackets in Bombay, the pedophiles on bail, the way the justice system works.

Our problem is the inflation index, the lack of jobs, the lack of infrastructure, the bribes, the fake PAN cards, the politics, the ministries. Our problem is the people and obviously, our problem is people suing a game which isn’t even available in India because the game hurt religious sentiments, apparently.

We are a chaotic country, built on the foundation of this one line:

“Profit is a dirty word, Jeh”

So isn’t it weird that this post is about a corporate house which has so much money that a head of state decided to be their brand ambassador or well, whatever that was? Who would have thought that our socialist views would completely be steam-rolled by our own version of capitalism in less than 70 years of independence?

Imagine a country, where a man builds his corporate empire from almost nothing, sounds like true capitalism, a perfect capitalist economy, wherein everybody has an equal opportunity to make something of himself and end up hiring a bunch of people and thus helping the economy of the country?

But what if you were informed that such a corporate empire was involved in things like illegal imports, creation of shell companies, corporate raiding, insider trading, criminal conspiracy to acquire spectrum, irregularities in issuance of insurance policies through a government owned insurance agency, having expired safety equipment on board of your own business jet with a pilot who didn’t have a license, pilfering gas blocks from a government-run public company?

You could believe that they were good hearted folks running a decent company but just got caught up sometimes because they were so big and the government liked hating on them cause it would create an example outta’ them, you know.

How about if the same entity attempted to monopolise the telecom services market in 1996? How about paying off every possible political party in power at any given point to make sure the rules were bended to suit the corporate entity? Still not good? What if the same entity was also responsible for an assassination attempt of a competitor?

There’s obviously more and some more

I am obviously talking about the same company most of you people are fapping on about right now. The only company in this country which doesn’t just have a shit track record but also no heart and absolutely no soul, something which any capitalist believer would tell you, is messed up, even for this country. I mean for fucks sake, the chairman of the company lives in a fucking drawer

FU bro, seriously. Get better architects next time.

Yes, free data is great and yes not paying for voice calls is great too and obviously it’s not like the other network companies in this country are great, they’re all pretty shit but the difference between them and this one is that they haven’t attempted, at any given point, in this country, to get a competitor killed, physically speaking, with guns and shit.

Remember the last time when the same company revolutionised mobile back in ‘02? because I do, and I also remember their phones heating up and people getting bills in tens and thousands of ₹.

The herd mentality has gone way too far this time. Sure, I never expected us to be brand loyal but aleast have enough decency to not support a blotch of a company on wonderful ideologies like free market, capitalism and corporations.

Plus, free is not always good, free is usually bad, specially when it comes from a company which almost had blood on their hands. Free usually means that there were undisclosed benefits being given and received under the table.

Read more about it, in this wonderful article, on this website, I thought was dead

The whole idea behind getting something for free for a while, goes back to my point of us as a society, being extremely short sighted, we don’t look at value for money anymore, we now just blatantly look for cheap and cheap comes at costs, like anti-comeptitive plus monopolistic behaviour and apparently even privacy concerns and violation of net neutrality

But it’s all good, right? Because the more the competition, the better it is for the consumer, right? More choices will force the existing players to get their house in order, right?

Sure, competition is great, Lokesh and the other guy battling it out is great, but imagine you running a store and selling a packet of unbranded chips for ₹10 and a dude, of the same background and size as your business sets up a shop right next to your shop and starts selling the same kind of chips at ₹2, which is not only below your cost price but also below his, and the reason he is doing it is because it would attract customers to his shop, and he could proceed to sell them all the other stuff in his store which is at the same price as they are in your store or sometimes even higher.

Now, he’s not gonna keep selling the chips for ₹ 2 forever, and even if he does, he just stole your entire cliental, so you’re left with nothing, because the people think that your competitor will always be cheaper, maybe his staff is rude and his social skills are terrible unlike yours, but none of that matters because he is selling a pack of chips at a ₹8 difference, as compared to you. He wins. So what do you do? You try undercutting him in some product and some of the folks come back to you, and the whole game of getting to the bottom begins, and when that race starts, everything becomes terrible, from the service of your staff to the quality of the chips, to the marketing, everything becomes shit, you become shit, he becomes shit, your cliental doesn’t care about your personal touch anymore they just want to buy a packet of chips now for ₹ 1 and you’re in a loss and so is he and you’re just like fuck this shit, I am going home.

That is exactly what happened to the aviation industry and now it’s gonna happen to the telco sector and the telco sector is already pretty shitty so how much bad can it really get?

It can get worse, Lokesh could be dead.

So yeah, don’t become shit and don’t fucking switch to shit fucking networks which are false promises by a shitty fucking company who disconnected by wireline internet forever without any prior intimation and kept telling me that there has been a server issue.

Fuck them, fuck them both.


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